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was used to kill agent brian terry but it took the spanish language news network to reveal that the walked guns were also used if you recall the horrific 2010 massacre of mexican teenagers in the border city of juarez. they broke into a birthday party and started firing and before it was over 14 innocent boys and girls dead and 12 more rounded. according to uni vision, three of the heavy weapons used in the bloody murders were linked to fast and furious. while the notorious gun walking operation played a role in that and other terrible crimes inside mexico it had nothing to do with the death deuce morning a border patrol agent onng of tuesday morning. >> investigators are look into the possibility that it was a tragic accident. the result of friendly fire. >> it was a fog of war incident that led to border patrol agent nicholas ivy's death. deadly confusion in the darkness. >> we were approximately two miles south of where agent ivy was shot and killed. we are in some thick foliage right here and just showing you how difficult it is to actually pick up illegal aliens when they are walking
. so did steve jobs pursuing their own interest they make us all richer. >> that is why bill gates did have a generous piece of cake. but the quality with the infinite number of case in the quality tends to compound itself we want you to have the government program and the quality rhodes to help your cake get baked in the first place. >> that is historically inaccurate. look at less government in our history, people think the rich that are richer but it was rockefeller, carnegie, they came with nothing. that made the rest of us will be your. john: that is the key. >> i would quibble. john: rockefeller did not make the rest of us wealthier? >> blaming 8146 us? noboby is saying there should not be incentives broke we want the g.i. bill bill, good public schools, roads that help the next generation of companies john: inequality makes me uncomfortable but by letting them until their creed. >> there has been an economic recovery 1% has gone to waste . john: bet lead is better than zero. >> at ast to do with the fact the government is way too big and promising more taxes if the current admin
obama. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. have a great weekend. >> there is noend to their greed. >> the ways of wall street. >> why we need government intervention. >> i can take the whole cake and. >> my guest says agreed works. it is a good things. >> greed works. >> "is greed good?" hour show. tonight. john: such a nasty word people say it caused by our financial problem. a lot of people in business are greedy but aren't you? at abc a documentary on greed showing how it can be self-destructive. >> to test people's greed they put dollar bills in ballpark you canget as many for yourself but every 10 seconds if there is money left he will double it. john: the game ends if they empty the bowl. what happens? >> they could have made more money if they left half of the bills but they did not work that out. >> sally kohn is a liberal blocker writing about that attitude. >> i don't thinkreed is bad but what values do we hold alongside as a country? as a society? to balance out those impulses for the better good of everyone? john: an eonomist from george mason university
cannot dazzle them with brilliance, baffle t us. let not your heart be troubled. have a good weekend. see you back hereonday. >> winning the presidency, what does that take? a strong debate. >> i'm paying for this microphone. >> this is all theatre. it's theatre and politics. it's trying to get people to me in to the theatre and take a look, see if they like your play. >> yes, we can. >> you have to lea to see campaigns through the lens of the camera. >> campaigns are made of moments that everyone remembers. >> the difference between a hockey mom and a p bull, lipstick. >> there you go again. >> where's the beef? >> senator, you're no kennedy. >>ommerce, education, and the -- what's the third one there? oops. >> tonight we take you behind the scenes. >> see if they can do this flash. >> we'll show you what they don't like to talk about. >> so lying is okay in politics? >> what's behind winning the presidency? ♪ >> when it to say winning the presidency, i'd like to think that the choices about whose ideas are better, but when you talk to people behind the scenes they talk about moments.
spending, regulation will get us out of this economic mess. we have -- we would be out of it a long time ago. you're taking a for one and giving it to another which is problematic and then the simple fact is it hasn't worked. john: another attack on you. republicans, the national journal article. the democrats say this conservative attack on the social welfare program is being waged for the very wealthy. congressman richard neal from massachusetts. my god, can we do any more to help the wealthy that our republican friends? >> think about their own personal life or anyone in your audience, those occasions were you actually accomplish something of meaning and significance. i call them moments of magnitude where you had a goal or a dream and worked hard and made it happen. what we are doing to some many people who are not dependent on government in this culture we are creating is robbing them of that experience which is central to being an american. congressman is just wrong. he is the one trapping people into this cultural dependency on the government. robbing them of that critical experie
to lead us out of the economic situation we are in. >> what happened then in the second debate? can mitt romney lose this? i mean can president obama come out more confident and swaggering with more of the joe bidenesque combative tone? >> i don't think president obama can come back like a joe biden. i think mitt romney needs to hold his own and continue to talk about his plan for turning the economy around and leading this nation again. there is a void of leadership in this nation and with the obama administration. i think that mitt romney needs to talk about his plan for the future. i think that obama has a lot of ground to make up but i don't believe he will do that by acting like joe biden and being school master rude combatative-type of a person. >> amy, have you seen anything this precipitous in a race and trends take a while to change and is there time for the democrats to recover. >> now we know that things can change in 24 hours. there is a potential to change again. it is a volatile and anxious and disheartened electorate. these are not happy days and people who are still uncom
votes, e-mails show that our top leaders were aware terrorists were taking credit for attacking the u.s. mission in libya, videotape day it happened. while the white house is now saying there was still confusion there are new questions what could have been done in the early hours as the attack was still ongoing. >> jon: cbs tuesday and fox news on wednesday. new details about the terror attacks in benghazi libya. every day this past week we seem to have learned something new about who knew what. e-mails detailing what was going on in benghazi and who was to blame. why did it take so long for the media to pay attention to this story and why did the white house seem to spin it differently? charles krauthammer shared his view earlier. >> they might have calculation. they won't be interested in this stuff. we ride it out until election day. what the secretary of state any judgment because we're going to get the report of her committee. you know what her committee is going to report in the middle of next month. that means after election day. all they wanted to do from the beginning is to str
and dvr the show if you can't catch us live. have a great weekend. catch you next week. ♪ john: if we have as much they're would be almost and poverty. john: after the welfare state. that's our show tonight. ♪ john: american is a rich country. it seems wrong then when there's so much wealth around some americans have -- are so poor. this weekend. cholera requires is taking a little more money from rich people and putting in the programs like welfare and job training. i believe i was in college and. the students are today. my professors tell me that the experts in washington have found the solution to poverty. i believe but then i became a reporter. i watched the of what our rework not work. i watched as it created a poverty industry, lots of victims and bureaucrats who specialize in sucking money out of washington d.c. to give to them and to themselves. over the years most poor people state court. they are still poor. how can that be when we spend so much on poverty programs. >> we will spend $1 trillion. over the next decade. the top trend -- top 10 trillion. john: many othe
small towns in america, and asking people, hey, can we use your -- can we use your campus green? >> mel ritter is the director of candidate operations for mitt romney. >> let's get to work. >> campaign staffs try to make sure the right number of people show up. hillary clinton's presidential campaign was run by patty solis-doyle. >> you make calls to campaign supporters, make robocalls. >> they eventies advertise in the sky. >> ready for the message, then n >> the football stadium seats about 80,000 people. only problem, romney had 8,000 in the crowd. >> it's ritter's job to make that doesn't happen. >> six really talented advance people on the ground for five days. >> we're painting part of the backdrop that you see from the riser. finish that late in the night. >> campaigns obsess about every sign, every camera angle. >> you have to see the campaigns through the lens of a camera. if you can't do that, it gets left on field. >> we'll take cameras in there, set them up on our risers that we set for the press, look at it, make sure the angles are right. >> behind t
for the cia. odd, indeed. thank you for being with us. we appreciate you being with us. have a great weekend, and we'll see you monday. good night from new york. that e thing for m okay. good night. john: politics, do they lie or advocates just spin? >> i like to work with people who provide services to me. john: this season, it's beyond true, serious about confronting political propaganda 6789 that's our show tonight. ♪ >>> and now, john stossel. [applause] john: i could never run for political office because i don't keep my mouth shut. i offend people all the time and what i mean to say does not come out right. during a mock presidential debate, i said "college is stupid for some people." it is. producers turnedded that into an attack it'd. >> he says college is stupid, stossel, bad for our kids. john: what do candidates say when things are spun badly? my colleague, andrea tantaros, has answers. she used to be press secretary for the republican leadership in the house so you worked for boehner and company, and you then lied to us in the press about stuff? >> i never lied.
that are richer but it was rockefeller, carnegie, they came with nothing. that made the rest of us will be your. john: that is the key. >> i would quibble. john: rockefeller did not make the rest of us wethie >> baming 8146 us? noboby is saying tre should not be incentives broke ewant the g.i. bill bill, good public schools, road tha help the next generation ofpani john: inequality akes me uncomfortable but by letting them until their cree >> there has been an economic recover1% has gone to waste . john: bet led is better than zero. >> at ast to do with the fact the government is way too big and romising more taxesif h current administration is elected. they want to set --want t make money. john: that takes i from the. >> the beauty is tey can only make mre money by making you better off. that is the duty items seriou if i thoughtt was true i would say you can have the whole cake. if that will quote trickle-down to be. itill not be the way that i like i >> people make their cake. steve jobs bame rich. he bakd a lot of cakes but on the dotted by baking cakes for a lot of pele. i personally don't
hit or miss please send to us. follow us on twitter at jer at fnc. thanks to my panel. i'm paul gigot. we hope to see you right here next week. >> on fox news watch. >> big one night only vp debate takes the spotlight as the candidates take on the tough issues. >> we made sure we cut taxes to the middle-class. >> shouldn't we have marines guarding benghazi, a place we knew there was al-qaeda cell. >> jon: each doing his best against the competition. >> that is bunch of marlarkey. >> i think the vice president knows the words that come out of your mouth sometimes don't come out the right way. >> are you say governor romney lied? >> i think he was dishonest. >> jon: and following failed debate performance, obama campaign revs up their spin in machine. >> how they can justify this video caused this attack. it was a terrorist attack. >> jon: congress investigates the terrorist attack in benghazi getting details. are the media interested now? candidates' wives working hard for media attention. are they getting fair treatment? and what does this photo tell us about media bias? on the
grow stronger and get back to work. everyday you see all of us serving you, around the country, around the corner. usank. for that to be the case. if it came to that. fr the fast-food guide h the country could be fast >> one unions make a buck. what do they want? >> $20 an hour. >> $30 of hour. >> i don't know youo not know anything aboutyou. >> then i want to learn. that is our show. >> wit the chicago teachers union got the media attention but the battle to control thschool will continue but the basic issue who has the power and who pays? it is more than taxpayers they say it is good day for track -- protect from arbitrary dismissal. is that true? no. all agreements make it hard to fire people and everyone be treated equally are bad for customers and employees and the unionworkers themselves. but no luck with that argument to some workers. >> thousands of workers came here to say we neea second bill of rights. a living wage, full employment, start with lie with some workers are more effective and the rules mean the slackers cannot be fire >> does that other you this slacker g
candidates say when things are spun badly? my colleague, andrea tantaros, has answers. she used to be press secretary for the republican leadership in the house so you worked for boehner and company, and you then lied to us in the press about stuff? >> i never lied. it was actually hasser and company and tom delay. the goal of press secretary is to be as honest as possible, but you can never lie to the media. it's a cardinal rule. john: i assumed you always lied to the media. >> you have to have a careful way of phrasing things. it's verbal gymnastics. for example, i worked on a senate campaign, and i knew the candidate was dropping from the race. i couldn't say that. the media senses turmoil. john: is he dropping out? >> he's a candidate for senate today, and we're in it until we're out of it, john, and right now, we're talking about the issues because right now we were talking about those issues. saturday, probably not, out of the race, but you have to have creative ways to phrase things. john: something that caught romney in trouble was telling donors that 47% of americans are takers, no
. are they getting fair treatment? and what does this photo tell us about media bias? on the panel this week, judy miller, cal thomas, jing pinkerton and fox news political analyst juan williams. i'm jon scott. fox news watch is on right now. >> jon: big event thursday night a one night only showdown between the candidates for vice president. it was highly anticipated by the political press. first question out the gate was the controversy surrounding terrorist attacks. >> this benghazi issue would be tragedy in and of itself but unfortunately it's indicative of a broader problem, what we are watching on our tv screens the unraveling of the obama foreign policy which is making it more chaotic and us less safe. >> we did not know they wanted more security. by the way, at the time we were told exactly, said exactly what the intelligence community told us they knew. that was the assessment. as the intelligence changed their view, we made it clear they changed their view. that is why i said we will get to the bottom of this. >> jon: well, considering the lack of media attention that the embassy attack
of the debate. this is some of the coverage that followed. >> it was a lot like the president obama we are used to hearing. i don't think he had the spark or energy or precision tonight that governor romney had. >> the president tonight was disappointing when he allowed mitt romney to that buck $716 billion in medicare. the president did not come out and explain it. >> it appeared that an energetic mitt romney appeared before a national audience. >> i think you are going to see team obama to buckle down more. he came out and he wasn't crisp. mitt romney looked like a credible punch. >> i think .... >> if you look at the twitter verse the republicans are very happy at this moment including the top team around mitt romney. >> where was obama tonight? >> there you go. mainstream and liberal media are shocked, shocked. the president didn't win. >> right. chris matthews went on to say, if only the president had been watching my show. [ laughter ] >> look. this was one of those epic political masters. jay leno said it best, only the replacement refs think president obama had a good night. >> jon: the
's important for us to develop new sources of energy, here in america, that we change our tax code to make sure that we are helping small businesses and companies that are investing here in the united states. that we take some of the money we are saving as we wind down two wars, to rebuild america. and that we reduce our deficit in a balanced way that allows us to make these critical investments. now, it ultimately will be up to the voters, to you, which path we should take. are we going to double down on the top-down economic policies that helped to get us into this mess? or do we embrace a new economic patriot. >> that says america does best when the middle-class does best. i am alonging ford that debate. >> reporter: governor romney, two minutes. >> thank you, jim. it's an honor to be here with you. and it's an honor to be here with the president. i appreciate the welcome of the university of denver and the presidential commission on these debates. congratulations to you, mr. president, on your anniversary. i am sure this is the most remantic place you can imagine -- here with me. congratula
to avoid using the returners spoken word in the way that offends. that is a rage asleep fraud. a picture of mitt romney would offend 70%. [laughter] john: you may not explicitly or implicitly asked for sex. john: then how do you get there? [laughter] is it automatically rate? >> these policies are not well thought out. this is what you get to with bureaucracies. john: we will not use the overheard freshman. >> we want gender inclusive? >> does that mean frosh? >> first year. >> it is frequent. public and private have speech codes that violate the constitution like unc or private school would if it was public. john: the school says they study your complaints? >> that is the standard issue like you could balance against your own concern. sometimes used to then they backed down. >> whenever we cord new lawsuits against the red light speech code it is struck down by the court. john: north carolina state state, down the road eric was a residential adviser their meaning you live in the dorm helping with the younger students. >> help them to get moved in, settled in charge of policy enforcemen
of the moderator. what about the debate itself? tell us how the media handled the debate? >> i think the media were happy to see president obama woke up by his own admission and we're happy to say he won for the most part. however, as i wrote for a conservative magazine and somebody went through the 1980 reagan campaign. the fact that president reagan did a good job and romney has been on the tv unfiltered by the media with 125 million people watching. something is changing out there. the media can't spin romney talking and standing up and articulating his views. as romney joked thursday night they are doing the best to obscure what he is saying. the reality is punching through and the gatekeepers can't deal with it. >> jon: so what about it? does it suggest the debates are more about style than substance? >> it's television, yes. of course that is through. i was struck by to the extent that people tended to stick to the vie they brought in to the debate. that includes the reporters. the washington and "new york times" said more obama comes back as the lead editorial. the "wall street journal" said
Search Results 0 to 43 of about 44 (some duplicates have been removed)